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Consultation Services



Feasibility Studies, Campaigns and Special Projects,
Development Plans, and Planned Giving Programs

Teeter Associates partners with clients to plan and execute fundraising initiatives that best enable

the organization to produce long-term financial success and create new energy and commitment

from both traditional and unexpected sources.

Teeter Associates can assist organizations in all aspects of development efforts. We offer a range of fundraising services customized to your organization's specific needs and circumstances, whether that is undertaking a major fundraising campaign, implementing a development plan to strengthen ongoing programs and operations, and/or developing a planned giving program.

We can work with you through the entire process or at a critical point along the way.


Teeter Associates had led and guided campaigns  and special projects from $500,000 to over $100 million for a wide variety of organizations.


Our campaign services include:

Internal Assessment

Analyze and evaluate a client's campaign readiness by conducting an internal assessment of the organization.

Feasibility Study

Conduct a feasibility study to test out campaign goals with a diverse sampling of community leaders and

funding sources.

Campaign and Special Project Management

Guide all aspects of the campaign and special project fundraising, including helping to set up internal processes; developing the case for support; developing and implementing a timeline of activities; helping to identify and enlist leadership volunteers; identifying, cultivating, and requesting support from funding sources; writing grant proposals, letters, press releases, and publications; and providing expertise based on experiences and best practices.

Coaching and Training to Make Effective Fundraising Requests

Conduct trainings for staff, board solicitors, and community volunteers to increase their ability to successfully cultivate and request support from prospective donors.


Teeter Associates helps clients who want to expand their fundraising and development activities by conducting a fundraising analysis and, based on the results, formulating a development plan for their continued and expanded success in annual fundraising and special projects.


For many organizations, a strong planned giving program is appealing to donors looking for an alternative or additional way to contribute. Through planned giving, organizations can secure future gifts that will further fulfill an organization's mission. We can help develop and implement a planned giving program based on an organization's needs and budget.

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