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Consultation Services


Strong organizations are built by strong teams with a shared sense of mission. An effective organization comprised of the best people performing optimally can achieve greater success, envision and execute

new programs, and fulfill an institution's mission with purpose and passion.


To help the institution develop a strong team, capable of meeting critical organizational challenges, Teeter Associates provides the following services:

Executive Coaching and Board Development

Highly personalized, confidential support of senior staff and board members to optimize performance, develop leadership and communication skills, and provide advice.

Executive Searches and Recruitment

Development of a qualified poll of candidates and guidance and support services through the selection, interview, and hiring process.

Organizational Needs Assessment

Candid evaluation of the organization and evaluation of the roles and capabilities of the existing staff.

Staff Planning and Development

The creation of job descriptions, candidate evaluations, and performance evaluation criteria.


Teeter Associates assists organizations in exploring and implementing collaborations and strategic restructuring up to and including mergers.

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